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Pakistan Wins First Prize for Social Media Engagement at Geneva Ceremony


Pakistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations (UN) has emerged victorious, securing the prestigious first prize for “social media engagement” at the esteemed 9th International Geneva Engage Awards held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The awards ceremony celebrates the remarkable efforts of non-governmental organizations, permanent representations, international organizations, and various Geneva stakeholders in digital outreach and communication endeavors. These initiatives are pivotal in bridging the gap between Geneva and communities worldwide affected by policies related to development, migration, human rights, and climate change.

In a moment of pride for Pakistan, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Bilal Ahmad, accepted the award on behalf of the mission. He attributed the achievement to the tireless dedication of his team at the mission, as well as to his predecessor and Pakistan’s current ambassador in Beijing, Khalil Hashmi.

Ambassador Ahmad commended the steadfast and concerted efforts of Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) in the domain of public and digital diplomacy, lauding the positive outcomes that have stemmed from these endeavors. He extended gratitude to the Diplomatic Foundation for recognizing and honoring Pakistan’s diplomatic mission with this prestigious accolade.

The Diplomatic Foundation, the organizing body behind the awards, is committed to enhancing the role of small and developing states in global diplomacy. Through its initiatives, the foundation aims to empower officials with training and capacity development on various pertinent issues such as internet governance, cyber security, data, artificial intelligence, and emerging technology-related matters.

Over the years, the Diplomatic Foundation has successfully trained over 7,500 alumni hailing from 208 countries and territories, showcasing its significant impact and reach in the realm of international diplomacy.

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