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Sikh Rookie takes center stage in groundbreaking Surrey-set Police Drama


In a groundbreaking move for North American television, a new CBC drama set in Surrey, British Columbia, has premiered this week, marking a significant milestone for representation and diversity in the industry. The show, one of the first police dramas set in Surrey, focuses on the journey of a Punjabi rookie cop with Sikh roots and promises to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline.

The grand premiere of the series took place this week in Surrey, drawing attention to the city’s growing prominence as a hub for cultural diversity and creative innovation. Starring Supinder Wraich in the lead role, the drama follows the life of a young South Asian female police rookie as she navigates the complexities of her personal and professional life.

“Surrey is truly the economic engine of the region and has tremendous draw,” remarked Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke, expressing her excitement for the show’s representation of the city’s vibrant community. Mayor Locke shared her enthusiasm on social media, highlighting the significance of showcasing Surrey’s diverse landscape and culture on a national platform.

The drama, characterized as a character-driven police procedural, delves into themes of identity, belonging, policing, and politics, offering viewers a nuanced portrayal of the challenges faced within the justice system. Supinder Wraich portrays Sabrina Sohal, a star rookie police officer, who confronts the limitations of the justice system while endeavoring to clear her father’s name.

Alongside Wraich, the cast features Stephen Lobo as Ajeet Sohal, Sabrina’s politician father, whose innocence she fights to prove. Enrico Colantoni portrays Vince Brambilla, a seasoned training officer who mentors Sabrina, albeit with differing perspectives on policing methods.

Filmed on location throughout Surrey, the drama captures the essence of the city’s diverse neighborhoods and landmarks, showcasing its rich cultural tapestry. The show’s studio, situated in an unassuming building in Surrey, serves as the epicenter of creativity and innovation, underscoring the city’s growing influence in the entertainment industry.

As audiences tune in to witness the gripping narrative unfold, the Surrey-set police drama promises to challenge stereotypes, provoke thought, and celebrate the rich diversity of the community it represents. With its compelling storyline and diverse cast, the series heralds a new era of inclusive storytelling on North American television.

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