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Pakistani Classical Singer Mai Dhai Featured on Iconic Times Square Billboard


Pakistani Classical Singer Mai Dhai Featured on Iconic Times Square Billboard. Pakistani classical singer Mai Dhai has recently been honored with a feature on the iconic Times Square billboard in New York City. Making her the latest celebrity from the country to be showcased at this prestigious location.

A Prestigious Spotlight

Times Square, located in the heart of New York City, is renowned for its iconic digital billboards and advertisements. It often display images of celebrities and a wide array of prominent brands. Recognized as one of the most heavily trafficked places in the world, a feature here is a significant milestone for any artist.

Mai Dhai’s Musical Heritage

Dhai, a septuagenarian singer from Pakistan’s southern Tharparkar district, is celebrated for its desert landscape and cultural diversity. She belongs to the Manganhar Muslim community, a group famous for their rich musical heritage. The Manganhars reside in both the Tharparkar district in Pakistan and the Rajasthan state in India. It is connected by the shared border between the two countries.

Celebrating on Social Media

“A voice like that of the cuckoo reaches Times Square directly,” Spotify Pakistan posted on Instagram, sharing a picture of Dhai on the vertical billboard in Times Square. “Listen to Mai Dhai on the #EQUALPAKISTAN playlist.”

The Equal Pakistan Initiative

The Equal Pakistan initiative by Spotify aims to promote both established and aspiring female artists, recognizing their talent and contributions to the music industry in the country. This initiative has been instrumental in highlighting the achievements of women like Dhai, who have made significant strides in music.

Rising to Fame

Dhai garnered critical acclaim after performing at various popular Pakistani musical festivals. She shot to national fame in 2016 after debuting in Coke Studio’s season 8 with her two songs, “Aankhaṛli Phaṛookai” and “Kadi Ao Ni,” performed with artists Karam Abbas Khan and Atif Aslam.

Previous Features

In October 2023, Pakistani musician-singer Talal Qureshi was also featured on a Spotify billboard at Times Square. The music platform promoted Qureshi’s 2023 album “Turbo” on the billboard. Qureshi is celebrated for his seamless fusion of traditional Pakistani music with modern electronic sounds and is known for popular hits such as “Peechay Hut,” “Hico,” “Faltu Pyar,” and “Paisa.”

Mai Dhai’s feature on the Times Square billboard is a testament to her enduring talent and the global recognition of Pakistani music. This milestone not only celebrates her personal achievements but also shines a spotlight on the rich cultural heritage of the Manganhar community and the diverse musical landscape of Pakistan.

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