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Pakistani Family Achieves World Record: All Nine Members Share Same Birthday


In a remarkable display of coincidence, the Mangi family from Larkana, Pakistan, has set a new world record. Comprised of parents Ameer Ali and Khudeja, along with their seven children, Sindhoo, female twins Sasui and Sapna, Aamir, Ambar, and male twins Ammar and Ahmar, this extraordinary family shares an incredible bond that goes beyond their shared surname.

The Mangi family has achieved a historic milestone by being the largest family ever recorded to have all its members born on the same day – August 1. This remarkable feat has earned them a coveted place in the Guinness World Records, capturing the attention and admiration of people worldwide.

For Ameer and Khudeja, the date holds an additional significance as it marks their wedding anniversary. They tied the knot on their shared birthday in 1991, precisely one year before welcoming their eldest daughter, Sindhoo, into the world. The Mangi children’s record-breaking achievement also extends to being the largest number of siblings born on the same day.

Previously, the distinction belonged to the Cummins family from the United States, with five children born on February 20 between 1952 and 1966. Until the discovery of the Mangi family, this was the only verified instance of a family having five children with coincident birthdays. Ameer expressed his surprise and delight when his first child, Sindhoo, shared the same birthday as him and his wife in 1992, marking the beginning of an extraordinary pattern.

The subsequent births on the same date were an unexpected joy for both Ameer and Khudeja. They regarded this occurrence as a divine blessing, viewing it as a “gift from God.” Astonishingly, all the Mangi children were conceived and born naturally, with no instances of premature birth or induced labor via caesarean section. Ameer attributes this extraordinary phenomenon to the workings of a higher power, stating that it was “all natural, from Allah.” The family never intentionally planned for their children to be born on the same day.

The rarity of having two sets of twins, let alone with the same birthday, left Ameer and Khudeja feeling quite surprised. After the birth of twin girls Sasui and Sapna in 1998, they were amazed once again when twin boys Ammar and Ahmar arrived in 2003, making this the fifth verified example of a mother producing two sets of twins with coincident birthdays. This remarkable achievement equals the record for the most twin siblings born on the same day.

The Mangi household is undoubtedly a place of joyous celebration on August 1. Sasui, one of the Mangi daughters, expressed their family’s newfound appreciation for birthdays, saying, “Earlier, we used to celebrate our birthdays in a simple manner, but now we do it a lot more and with a lot of happiness.” Understandably, the family opts for a single shared birthday cake rather than nine individual ones, symbolizing their unity and togetherness.

The Mangi family’s incredible story continues to inspire and captivate hearts around the world. Their unique bond and record-breaking achievement will be etched in history as a testament to the power of coincidence and the extraordinary wonders that families can experience together.

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