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Refugee Council recommends a ‘refugee visa’ that allows people to travel to the UK to apply for asylum


A new report published by the Refugee Council today sets out a coherent plan to tackle channel crossings and create a fair and functioning asylum system that delivers order and compassion. 

Towards a National Refugee Strategy: Our vision for a fair and humane asylum system’ sets out a comprehensive plan including establishing safe ways for refugees to reach our shores, negotiating a deal with France and achieving an agreement with the European Union as well as upholding the right for people to apply for asylum on UK soil regardless of how they arrive. 

The proposals outline core strands of a National Refugee Strategy aimed at fostering meaningful international cooperation and making the asylum system fairer and more efficient.  

Central to the strategy are key recommendations to provide more safe routes and help stop the criminal gangs that benefit from exploiting vulnerable displaced individuals. These recommendations include:  

  • 1. Piloting a ‘refugee visa’ that allows people to travel to the UK to apply for asylum.  
  • 2. Allowing people with family members already in the UK to transfer here from EU member states. 
  • 3. Allowing children to join wider family members in the UK and removing financial constraints and other barriers that hinder family reunions. 
  • 4. Allowing people who have been waiting longer than six months for a decision on their asylum claim to work. 

The paper also calls for immediate steps to tackle the backlog in asylum claims, including fulfilling Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s commitment to clearing the backlog of ‘legacy’ claims by the end of 2023.  

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