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Rotibox creates a new buzz amongst the Desi community


British Pakistani Sophia Choudry‘s new venture Rotibox has created a new buzz amongst the south asian or Desi community across the globe. Rotibox is the new modern solution for making traditional homemade rotis. It enables you to make roti without the mess. No more flour-covered surfaces to clean. The mess stays inside rotibox, making this a hassle free, convenient way to make roti. Rotibox is made with antimicrobial properties that destroy bacteria, so it is more hygienic than your kitchen worktop, and safer for the families. It neatly keeps all your flour and utensils, and is portable, lightweight and stores away neatly.


She began her Rotibox company back on the 17 th of January 2020, and its growth was amazing. Her journey was an arduous one, filled with self-doubt and trepidation. She had to circumvent potholes and ward off racism, but at the end of the day, her dream came to fruition. “My aspiration is that my story makes other women like me see that anything is possible, that you have every right to have a dream, and you have everything within you to make it real.”


As she reflects, her dream really started a generation earlier. Sophia gives credit to her mum and dad who planted the seed for the original Rotibox invention back in 1976; dad wanted to assist his wife in managing their household of twelve. Roti is a staple diet for South Asian family cuisine prepared every day. The preparation, though, can be time-consuming and messy. Her dad created a wooden version of the rotibox to make the chore easier for her mum.

Decades later, Sophia went on a mission of making lives easier for all roti makers. Her improvement on the original design makes the Rotibox a welcome part of many South Asian kitchens.


Rotibox cutomer Liya Mua, said that “Absolutely love my rotibox. It’s so much easier to use. Looks so lovely and sleek in our new kitchen! There really is no mess, before and after, making your rotis! Such a simple but awesome idea! Highly recommend it for every household. Can even be used to make pastries, etc.! It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift. One of those things that our mummies will overlook, but once they use it, there’s no going back!”

Innovator and multi-award winning serial entrepreneur Sophia Choudry received the “Best Digital Business 2023 Savareh Award.” Sophia earlier had received the Best Food Business 2022 Sisters in Business Award, Inspirational Woman 2022 She Award, and Business Woman 2021 She Award. Also, her videos have gone viral, totaling over 100 million views.

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