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Russia is India’s All-Weather Friend, PM Modi Tells Indian Community in Moscow


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing an enthusiastic crowd of Indians in Moscow. PM Modi hailed Russia as an “all-weather friend” of India on Tuesday. In his nearly hour-long speech, PM Modi highlighted the age-old ties between the two nations and celebrated India’s recent achievements, including its digital transformation, the Chandrayaan-3 mission, and the T20 cricket World Cup win, amid chants of ‘Modi, Modi’.

“The ties between India and Russia are touching new heights. President Vladimir Putin helped Indian students stuck in warzones,” PM Modi said, emphasizing the strong bond between the two countries. He pointed out that India is transforming at a record pace and the world is taking notice.

“The world is surprised to see the pace of development that the country has achieved in the last 10 years. When people from the world come to India, they say ‘Bharat badal raha hai’,” PM Modi remarked. He further noted that India’s successful events, like the G20 summit, and infrastructural advancements, such as doubling the number of airports and electrifying over 40,000 kilometers of railway lines, are evident of the nation’s rapid progress.

During his two-day visit to Russia, his first after securing a third term, PM Modi underscored the significance of the number 3 in his government’s goals. “It has been a month since I took oath as the PM of India for the third time and I vowed to work with 3 times more strength, at 3 times more speed. It is also a coincidence that the number 3 is present in many of the government’s goals. Our aim is to make India the third-largest economy and build 3 crore houses for the poor,” he stated.

“Today, the country is full of self-confidence and this is the biggest asset of India. You, too, must have celebrated the victory in the recent T20 World Cup… The real story of winning the World Cup is also the journey of victory. Today’s youth of India do not accept defeat till the last ball and the last moment,” he said.

The Prime Minister’s speech resonated with the Indian community in Moscow, reflecting a sense of pride and optimism for India’s future. By highlighting the nation’s achievements and reaffirming the strong Indo-Russian ties, PM Modi’s visit further solidified the bond between the two countries while inspiring confidence and hope among Indians at home and abroad.

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