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Sri Lankan American Arunan Arulampalam Takes Commanding Lead in Hartford Mayoral Race Fundraising


Arunan Arulampalam, the Sri Lankan American CEO of Hartford Land Bank in Connecticut, has surged ahead in the second-quarter campaign donations for Hartford’s highly contested mayoral race, according to a report by the Hartford Courant. The latest campaign finance filings with the city clerk revealed that his campaign amassed an impressive $123,568 during the period from April to July. This surge follows a substantial first-quarter fundraising of $225,000, bringing his total campaign contributions to an impressive $348,393.

Speaking to CT Insider, Arulampalam expressed confidence in his campaign’s momentum, stating, “I’m the candidate who doesn’t have a long institutional history in office, so what this quarter shows is a clear shift in momentum. It shows we have real and growing support for our campaign.” He further emphasized that his administration, if elected as mayor, would focus on enhancing the city’s safety, strengthening its schools, and creating more economic opportunities for all neighborhoods.

In a press release, Arulampalam hailed the “strong quarter” as an indicator of the campaign’s growing momentum and vital support as they approach the Democratic nominating convention this month. His impressive fundraising surpassed that of state Sen. John Fonfara, co-chair of the state’s powerful finance committee, according to the Courant’s report.

Arulampalam officially launched his mayoral campaign earlier this year, driven by a vision to empower the community and amplify their collective voice. On his campaign website, he emphasizes the power of every individual in shaping the city’s future. He previously explored a run for Connecticut State Treasurer in 2017 but withdrew his bid, urging Democrats to broaden their perspectives on diversity beyond the tradition of nominating only African Americans for certain positions.

A naturalized U.S. citizen, Arulampalam was born in Zimbabwe to Sri Lankan parents. He holds degrees from Emory University and Quinnipiac University School of Law. Before taking the helm at Hartford Land Bank, he served as deputy commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection in the Lamont Administration. His legal expertise was honed at the prestigious law firm of Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, P.C.

Aside from his professional endeavors, Arulampalam actively participates in community organizations, serving on the boards of the Hartford Public Library, the House of Bread, and the Hartford Redevelopment Authority. He resides in Hartford’s south end with his wife, Liza, who is a senior minister at the First Church of Christ (Center Church), and their five young children.

As the mayoral race heats up, Arulanpalam’s formidable fundraising and vision for the city have garnered considerable attention, setting the stage for a fiercely contested election that will shape the future of Hartford.

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