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Survey Finds 33% of Indian Americans Open to Returning to India, with 76% Holding a Favorable View of Their Homeland


A recent survey by the Pew Research Center sheds light on the perspectives of Indians living in America regarding their country of origin. The study, which explored how Asians perceive their heritage homelands as well as the U.S., yielded intriguing results.

According to the study, an overwhelming 76 percent of Indian adults hold a favorable opinion of India, in stark contrast to only 23 percent of other Asian adults, revealing a significant gap of 53 percentage points. Furthermore, when asked if they would consider moving back to India, 33 percent of Indian adults expressed willingness, while the remaining 65 percent expressed the opposite sentiment. Notably, immigrants who have spent less time in the U.S. are more inclined to entertain the idea of relocating back to India compared to those with longer U.S. residency.

The survey also highlights that nearly nine-in-ten Indians harbor a highly favorable view of the U.S. Additionally, most Indian adults regard Japan (70 percent) and South Korea (60 percent) positively. About half of those surveyed also expressed a favorable opinion of Taiwan.

The Pew Research Center’s study offers valuable insights into the sentiments and perceptions of Indians residing in America, shedding light on their strong attachment to their homeland and their diverse views on various countries, including the U.S. and other Asian nations.

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