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US town proclaims August 14 as ‘Pakistan Independence Day’


A town in the state of Virginia proclaimed to observe August 14, 2023 as “Pakistan Independence Day” in recognition of the immense contributions being made by the Pakistani-American diaspora of Herdon.

The proclamation was presented to Pakistan Ambassador to the US Masood Khan during a meeting with city council member Naila Alam on Friday.

Alam is the first Pakistani to be elected twice to the council.

According to a statement issued by the embassy, the proclamation was signed by the Mayor of Herdon, Virginia Sheila A. Olem whereas Ambassador Khan felicitated Alam over the “fruition of her efforts which clearly reflected her deep love for the country of her origin”.

“Congratulating Naila Alam on her timely initiative, Ambassador Khan observed that the proclamation would help cementing Pak-US ties and creating greater awareness about the country at the grassroots level,” the statement added.

Furthermore, the envoy also appreciated Alam’s services and encouraged her to continue with her efforts to create a greater understanding of Pakistan and the shared values of the two nations.

“Promoting people-to-people linkages and strengthening economic partnership with the United States, at every possible level, is a priority. The Pak-American community has a huge role to play in bringing the two nations closer and taking Pak-US ties to new heights,” the communique said quoting the ambassador.

Alam responded that it was a matter of great honor for her to get elected twice and serve the people of her town.

“The adoption of the proclamation was a recognition of the immense contributions being made by the Pak-American diaspora of Herdon,” she said. 

“It also reflected the respect for the diaspora among the leadership of Herdon.”

Moreover, Alam reaffirmed that she was committed to working for bringing the people of the two countries closer to each other.

The proclamation read that the “Town of Herndon takes great pride in being the home of many Pakistani Americans and on this occasion, our community celebrates the hopes, dreams, and vital contributions of Americans of Pakistani origin across all aspects of our society.

“Therefore, the Mayor of the Town of Herndon, Virginia, hereby proclaims the 14th day of August, 2023, as Pakistan Independence Day in the Town of Herndon, celebrates the 76th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, and encourages our residents to learn more about the history and culture of Pakistan ~ honoring their contributions to the Herndon community,” the decree further read as quoted by the press statement.

Ambassador Khan wished Alam even greater success in her political career as well as her social and humanitarian endeavors, the press release concluded. 

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