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Abu Dhabi Embraces the Flavors of Pakistan at the Mango Festival

Pakistan Business Professional Council Hosts Event Celebrating the Nation's Cherished Mangoes


The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) in Abu Dhabi orchestrated a delightful evening where the community, diplomats, dignitaries, businessmen, and traders converged to savor the delectable taste of Pakistan’s iconic mangoes. Held against the backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s vibrant cultural scene, the Pakistan Mango Festival showcased the nation’s rich agricultural heritage and its renowned mango varieties.

Known as the national fruit of Pakistan, mangoes are celebrated for their unique and irresistible flavor. The five-hour-long festival was a tribute to this celebrated fruit, drawing visitors to partake in the festivities. The PBPC’s efforts culminated in a free-to-attend event that saw the Abu Dhabi community enjoy a diverse selection of 14 mango varieties, including Lal Badshah, Chaunsa, Dussehri, Anwar Ratool, Fajri, and Hyder Shah, among others.

Dr. S Qaiser Anis, President of PBPC Abu Dhabi, highlighted the festival’s significance as a cultural and gastronomic celebration. “These are fresh and finest varieties of mangoes flown in from Pakistan, especially for this event,” he shared. The festival aimed to showcase the essence of Pakistani mangoes, celebrating their exquisite taste and cultural significance.

Pakistan ranks as the world’s fifth-largest producer of mangoes, with its mangoes often referred to as the “king of tropical fruits.” The Middle East stands as a prominent market for Pakistani mangoes, with the UAE being one of the top importers.

Dr. Muhammad Farhan, an executive member of the Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF) and PBPC, emphasized the role of trade enhancement in the region. “The UAE is the fourth biggest buyer of Pakistani mangoes,” he noted, adding that the Gulf countries have a significant share of Pakistan’s mango exports. Dr. Farhan highlighted the importance of bilateral research and innovative solutions to bolster trade and ensure food security.

As part of their commitment to furthering trade and cultural exchange, the PBPC ladies’ committee presented a variety of delectable delicacies crafted from Pakistani mangoes. Attendees had the opportunity to relish these mango-inspired delights and also participated in mango-tasting sessions.

“We have Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis, along with guests from Dubai and Sharjah, participating here. We are promoting a ‘clean and green’ image of Pakistan,” Dr. Farhan stated. He also shared future ambitions for the festival, saying, “Next year, we will host a better event.”

The event not only celebrated the rich flavors of Pakistan’s cherished fruit but also showcased the potential for collaboration in research, trade, and agriculture between Pakistan and the UAE. Through initiatives like the Mango Festival, the PBPC is fostering connections that transcend borders and promote sustainable growth and development.

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