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Afghanistan defeat New Zealand in Wheelchair Basketball


In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Afghanistan’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team secured a resounding victory against the New Zealand national basketball team in the Asian and Oceania series. The highly anticipated clash unfolded on Friday, marking the opening game of the Asia and Oceania competition.

The Afghan team, showcasing their prowess on the court, outplayed New Zealand with an impressive final score of 77-37. This commanding performance has set the stage for Afghanistan’s wheelchair basketball squad as they gear up to face formidable opponents, including Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates in the upcoming matches.

Participating in the allocation matches for the Paris Paralympic Games, the Afghanistan National Wheelchair Basketball Team is among the eleven nations competing in these intense battles of skill and strategy. The riveting competitions are slated to continue in Thailand until January 20th, offering spectators a thrilling spectacle of athleticism and sportsmanship.

The Afghan Paralympic wheelchair basketball officials have revealed that Afghanistan’s team holds a prominent position among the top ten teams in Asia, underlining their commendable performance in the ongoing Asia and Oceania series. As the team strives for excellence on the court, Afghan fans are eagerly anticipating more victories and memorable moments in this prestigious competition.

The commitment to excellence displayed by Afghanistan’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team serves as a testament to their dedication and skill in the realm of wheelchair basketball. As the competition progresses, fans from Afghanistan and around the world are poised to witness further triumphs and feats from their beloved national wheelchair basketball team.

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