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Australia Pakistan Medical Association (APMA) Elects New Leadership in AGM


The Australia Pakistan Medical Association (APMA) convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections at the picturesque Manjit Restaurant in Darling Harbour, Sydney, on Sunday, August 21, 2023. The meeting brought together the APMA executive committee, the Advisory Committee, and dedicated APMA members. Dr. Sayeed Khan, presiding over the gathering, chaired the proceedings, leading to the election of a new leadership team.

Dr. Erum Bilal emerged victorious, securing the position of the New President of APMA. The election process was overseen by Dr. Mohammad Bilal, Dr. Amanullah Khan, and Lawyer Ejaz Khan, who formed the election panel. Nominations for various key positions within the organization were officially announced and formally appointed under the guidance of Dr. Mohammad Bilal.

Following the formalities of the election, the audience was treated to insightful speeches. Outgoing President Dr. Imran Kassam reflected on his tenure and achievements while welcoming incoming President Dr. Erum Bilal to her new role. Ejaz Khan, a prominent figure in the legal sphere, underscored the pressing need to address domestic violence issues in Australia, especially within ethnic communities, particularly the Pakistani community. He expressed his commitment to collaborate with APMA doctors to bridge this gap and provide vital support and assistance to women affected by domestic violence.

Dr. Amanullah Khan and Dr. Sayeed Khan commended the remarkable work accomplished during the previous two tenures under the presidency of Dr. Imran Kassam. They pledged their unwavering support to incoming President Dr. Erum Bilal, ensuring continuity and progress within APMA.

Dr. Imran Kassam acknowledged the substantial achievements of APMA during his tenure, highlighting the organization’s invaluable contributions during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic period. He lauded APMA members for their outstanding commitment, which included donating over fifteen thousand dollars to charities aimed at assisting students in need. Dr. Kassam also expressed his gratitude to the doctors who generously offered free consultations to students and visitors without access to Medicare during the pandemic.

Among the attendees, the event witnessed the presence of numerous doctors and their spouses, including Dr. Shaukat Javed, Dr. Riaz, and Mushtaq Malik. Notably, young Pakistani doctors, making significant strides in their respective fields, also graced the APMA meeting. These include Dr. Zara Bilal, Dr. Maria Bilal, Dr. Alina Mahmood, Dr. Zainab, and Dr. Aisha Malik. APMA takes pride in these young medical professionals and their invaluable contributions to the fields of medicine and research.

The newly elected APMA executive committee members are as follows:

  • President: Dr. Erum Bilal
  • Vice President: Dr. Masood Ansari
  • Treasurer: Dr. Adnan Younus
  • General Secretary: Dr. Athar Khan
  • Deputy Secretary: Mrs. Ghazala Khan
  • Social Secretary: Dr. Samreen Kassam

With this newly elected leadership, APMA looks forward to continued growth, service to the community, and further advancement in the field of medicine.

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