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Baji Bantams: Bradford City Welcomes Groundbreaking South Asian Women’s Fans Group


In a historic move toward inclusivity, Bradford City Football Club is set to welcome the Baji Bantams this weekend, marking the emergence of the club’s first fans group for South Asian women. Amidst the anticipated roar of the crowds at Valley Parade, this diverse assembly of lifelong fans, families, and newcomers will converge to support their beloved Bantams as they face Sutton United.

Eyarun Nessa, a devoted follower of the sport from Keighley, expressed her elation at finally finding her community within the Baji Bantams. For Nessa, who has long been immersed in football but never had the opportunity to experience the electric atmosphere of a live match, this moment represents a deeply personal milestone.

The inception of the Baji Bantams stems from the inspirational stories of individuals like Nessa. Humayun Islam, the founder of Inspire Support Sports Empower (ISSE), and Lizzie Saunderson, director of operations at Bradford City FC Community Foundation, collaborated to realize this vision of inclusivity within the club. Supported by the Fans for Diversity initiative, which champions inclusion in football, the Baji Bantams symbolize a significant step towards ensuring that football truly represents all facets of the community it serves.

Reflecting on the importance of diversity in football, Humayun emphasized the pivotal role the sport plays in fostering unity within communities. Shazuna Ali, a resident of the Barkerend area, echoed this sentiment, expressing her excitement at the prospect of joining the vibrant atmosphere of a live match with the Baji Bantams. For Ali, this experience represents more than just a sporting event; it’s a gateway to empowerment and a celebration of womanhood within the realm of football.

Eyarun Nessa’s journey to embracing football alongside her children encapsulates the transformative potential of initiatives like the Baji Bantams. Overcoming internal barriers and societal stereotypes, Nessa and others like her are paving the way for a new generation of South Asian women to engage with the sport they love.

Addressing the challenges faced by South Asian women in accessing football, Nessa highlighted the lack of representation and societal expectations that often deter women from participating in sports. From concerns about maintaining appearances to logistical obstacles such as praying during matches, the barriers are multifaceted and deeply ingrained.

Nevertheless, the emergence of fan groups like the Baji Bantams signals a shift toward greater inclusivity and representation within football. As Lizzie Saunderson aptly puts it, the impact of initiatives like this extends far beyond the stadium, reverberating throughout the city and inspiring positive change within the community at large.

In welcoming the Baji Bantams, Bradford City FC not only embraces diversity but also reaffirms its commitment to creating an inclusive space where fans from all backgrounds can come together to celebrate their shared passion for football.

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