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Bal Vihar of St. Louis Celebrates 30 Years of Service Titled ‘Udaan – The Flight’ Event


Bal Vihar of St. Louis has been serving the Indian community for the last 30 years, nurturing the Indian culture and values among children growing up far away from their roots. With over 300 students enrolled every year, the organization has become a matured tree, catering to the Greater St. Louis community through dedicated volunteers. On April 29, 2023, Bal Vihar celebrated its 30th anniversary with an event titled “UDAAN” at Clayton High School, St. Louis, MO.

The event was attended by over 300 people and featured keynote speakers, including Missouri’s 48th State Treasurer, Vivek Malek, and Dr. Kirti Mehrotra, Principal of Lafayette High School of Rockwood school district of MO. Both the speakers highlighted the significance of Indian culture and the contribution made by Bal Vihar to the community. Dr. Sudhir Brahmbhatt, the founder and President of Bal Vihar, summarized the organization’s journey of the last 30 years and emphasized the support from the community and contribution from all the dedicated volunteers. The event recognized the volunteers who had dedicated 15+ years to the organization. The cultural program was the highlight of the event, featuring Bal Vihar students from ages 5 through 16 years. The program was loosely based on the theme of “Magic Treehouse” series, with young emcees narrating their journey. The program included a Yoga-Bhajan fusion showcase, dances, and a skit. The performers received a loud and standing ovation as the curtains came to a close.

Bal Vihar also leveraged the event to showcase local Indian vendors who put up their booths to promote their business. The families had an opportunity to see and purchase products like sarees, jewelry, and various food items. The event organization committee worked diligently behind the scenes to weave all the threads of the fabric perfectly. The countless number of hours put in by the group were on display, though they were not visible executing the actions on the day of the grand finale. The event was a testament to the human intelligence and hard work put in by the Bal Vihar community.

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