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BBC Sport poll: Qatar World Cup voted ‘best of the century

Akram Turak

On December 24th, BBC announced a poll to judge the best World cup, in the opening sentence they made a controversial statement “A controversial 2022 World Cup came to an end with Argentina’s thrilling final win over France.

This year’s World Cup in Qatar has been “the best ever”, Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, football’s global governing body, has said.

But, readers who voted had judged with an unbiased view and unanimously voted Qatar World Cup as the best World Cup of this century receiving 78% of the votes.

The 2002 World Cup held in Japan and South Korea came second in the poll but trailed far behind Qatar in the vote share with just 6%. The 2014 Brazil tournament received 4% of the votes.

More than 1.4 million fans from across the globe visited the country for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Fans in Qatar reveled in the compact nature of the event with many thousands attending more than one match per day – the first time this has been possible in the modern history of the tournament. 

Many Video journalists & vloggers in Qatar interviewed fans and they got an overwhelming response that it is one of the safest WorldCup tournaments, where families attended with their children.

There was no hooliganism, no fights, and no hooting of women, totally it was a family affair. The Qataris and the residents opened their homes to visitors and offered them food and snacks. The children were handing out water, dates, chocolates, snacks, and coffee.

Qataris welcome the fans with open arms and great hospitality.

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