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Canada: Jaswinder Bassi wins $1 Million Lottery


In a twist of fate, Jaswinder Bassi, an Indian-Canadian, has found himself a millionaire following an impulsive decision at a nearby convenience store. The unsuspecting purchase of a Lotto Max ticket at the 7-Eleven located on Scott Road at 64th Avenue in North Delta proved to be life-changing.

Bassi’s simple aspiration was to potentially “travel a little more” if luck favored him. The timing couldn’t have been more surreal, as the draw held on July 25 unveiled a staggering $35-million jackpot winner. To his astonishment, the same draw for which he had purchased a ticket held more surprises in store for him.

A meticulous check of his ticket revealed that Bassi was not just another player, but a fortunate winner of a $1-million Maxmillions prize. Recalling the moment, he recounted, “I woke up on Wednesday morning and I looked at my phone and saw that someone in Kamloops won $35 million, so I figured I better check my ticket.” Using the ‘Lotto!’ app, he verified his newfound wealth, experiencing a mixture of relief and elation.

Excitement rippled through Bassi’s household as he shared the news with his wife and children. “My wife was very excited and didn’t believe me at first. My kids are going to decide what we should do to celebrate,” he added with a smile.

With a promising horizon ahead, Bassi is envisioning taking his wife on a dream European vacation. The long-standing desire to explore Europe is now set to become a reality, all thanks to an unexpected, life-altering lottery win that began as an unplanned visit to a local convenience store.

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