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Dubai introduces ‘Work Bundle’ Platform, cuts Visa processing to 5 days


Dubai has revolutionized its visa processing system with the launch of the ‘Work Bundle’ platform, slashing the time required to obtain work permits and residency visas from a month to just five days.

This innovative platform condenses eight services into a user-friendly interface, reducing the number of steps from 15 to 5 and documents required from 16 to 5. Moreover, applicants now need to make only two visits instead of the previous seven.

The ‘Work Bundle’ initiative, spearheaded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is projected to save an impressive 62 million work days previously dedicated to visa processing. It is expected to streamline 25 million procedures annually, leading to significant cost savings for both government and private sectors.

Part of the larger Invest in Dubai platform, the ‘Work Bundle’ aims to assist over 275,000 companies in Dubai initially. While most services will be accessible online, certain procedures like medical checks and fingerprint scans will still require in-person visits. Nevertheless, processing times have been slashed by over 75%, minimizing the need for human assistance.

Lt Gen Mohammed Al Marri, leading GDRFA-Dubai, predicts a 25% increase in service transactions with the new platform. He highlights its efficiency in consolidating multiple steps into a single form, reducing visits and simplifying the process for all stakeholders.

Developed in collaboration with key government entities and supported by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and Digital Dubai, the ‘Work Bundle’ platform represents a significant leap towards digitalization and seamless government services in Dubai.

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