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Pakistani Heritage and Resolution Day Celebrated at NYPD Headquarters


The Consulate General of Pakistan in New York, in collaboration with the Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society (PALS) of the New York Police Department (NYPD), made history by organizing a groundbreaking event to celebrate Pakistani heritage and Resolution Day at the NYPD Headquarters.

The event, a first of its kind, garnered the attendance of esteemed dignitaries including the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, high-ranking officials from the NYPD and City Government, members of the judiciary, journalists, and a multitude of Pakistani Americans. Ambassador Masood Khan graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Ambassador Masood Khan, in his remarks, lauded the historic initiative undertaken by PALS, underscoring its pivotal role in fortifying the collaborative ties and friendship between the NYPD and Pakistan. He added that, The Pakistani American diaspora has played a significant role in various fields, including medicine, technology, business, and academia, contributing to the diversity and innovation of the United States. Their entrepreneurial spirit and cultural richness have enriched American society, fostering cross-cultural understanding and economic growth. He expressed profound pride in the contributions of PALS members towards the advancement and security of the United States of America. He also commended the role of Pakistani American officials within the NYPD as it promotes diversity and inclusion within law enforcement, enhancing community relations and bridging gaps between different communities.

Mayor Eric Adams hailed the Pakistani diaspora in New York State, acknowledging their integral role in enriching the vibrant tapestry of the city. He commended their tireless efforts, dedication, and contributions to the overall progress and development of the USA, with a special emphasis on New York State.

Consul General Mr. Aamer Ahmed Atozai, in his address, underscored the significance of the event in strengthening the bonds of affection between PALS members, the NYPD, and Pakistan. He also applauded the charitable and reconstruction endeavors spearheaded by PALS members during times of crises in Pakistan.

The collaborative efforts showcased at this event serve as a testament to the enduring friendship and mutual respect between the Pakistani community and the law enforcement agencies in New York City. Such initiatives pave the way for enhanced cooperation and goodwill between nations.

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