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IMESA’s Fundraising Iftar Event Draws Over 300 Attendees

To Support Education for Indian Muslim Children


The Indian Minority Education Society of Australia Inc (IMESA) orchestrated a remarkable fundraising Iftar event on Sunday, March 17, 2024, at Bowman Hall in Blacktown, attracting a substantial turnout of over 300 attendees. The event received praise from the NSW Minister, the Hon. Jihad Dib, who commended IMESA’s dedication to enhancing educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

The evening commenced with a Quran recitation and a Ramadan talk delivered by Moulana Abeer ul Hassan Thanvi, a locally raised Imam educated in South Africa. He underscored the critical role of education for Muslim children and urged attendees to contribute zakat and Sadaqat during Ramadan.

MC Dr. Nisa Sheriff shed light on IMESA’s mission to elevate the educational standards of impoverished Muslim children in India, where nearly 200 million Indian Muslims face educational disparities and socio-economic challenges. Highlighting the low representation of Muslims in education at all levels, Dr. Sheriff emphasized the transformative power of education in alleviating poverty and strengthening communities.

Addressing the pressing issue of atrocities in Gaza, NSW Minister Jihad Dib called for an immediate ceasefire, underscoring the significance of humanitarian efforts during Ramadan. He lauded IMESA’s achievement of obtaining DGR status within a short span, commending the organization’s commitment to quality work and governance.

Echoing the sentiment that education is paramount for all children, especially in countries like India, Mr. Dib stressed IMESA’s pivotal role in promoting access to education. A series of video clips showcased the positive impact of IMESA’s educational programs in various Indian cities, demonstrating improved academic performance and gratitude from beneficiaries.

IMESA’s projects are currently operational in several Indian cities, including Vadodara, Shaheen Bagh, Saharanpur, Boisar, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Bangalore, and Dinajpur, benefiting numerous underprivileged children and families. The fundraising appeal garnered overwhelming support from attendees, who generously contributed to IMESA’s noble cause.

The fundraising team, led by Dr. Nisa Sheriff and supported by dedicated volunteers, urged guests to join efforts in uplifting one of the world’s most deprived Muslim communities. Mr. Zahid Jamil extended appreciation to patrons for their generosity and acknowledged the tireless efforts of team members and volunteers.

IMESA’s overarching goal is to transform the lives of marginalized families by promoting education and combating child labor through financial support, educational campaigns, and tutoring initiatives. By providing vulnerable children with access to education, IMESA aims to foster economic empowerment and uplift entire communities for a brighter future.

The fundraising call was very well received by the attendees who generously donated to the cause. The fundraising team consisted of Dr Nisa Sheriff, Dr Sofia Khan, Mr Zahid Jamil, Dr Syed Aslam Shaheer, Mr Shahnawaz Ali, Mr Parveen Jang, Mr Asad Farooq, Mr Taufeeq Shaikh, supported by a team of volunteers.

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