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Iranian University Offers Scholarships to US Expelled Students

Shiraz, IRAN

Iranian Shiraz University offers scholarships to students expelled for Pro-Palestine Protests. Amidst the ongoing pro-Palestine demonstrations in the United States and Europe, the head of Shiraz University, Mohammad Moazzeni. The university offers scholarships to expelled protesters. It’s a compassionate gesture. It supports students involved in protests.

Moazzeni made the announcement during a gathering of university students and professors in Shiraz. The event aimed to support American and European students advocating for Palestinians amid Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Expressing concern over the harsh treatment meted out to student protesters by authorities in the US and Europe. Moazzeni condemned the use of violence to suppress dissent. He highlighted the threats of expulsion and future employment hindrances faced by these students, denouncing such autocratic measures as emblematic of the decline of global arrogance.

In Solidarity: Shiraz University Steps Up

In a gesture of solidarity and support, Shiraz University has pledged to offer scholarships to students who have been expelled or threatened with expulsion from European and American universities. Moazzeni also suggested that other universities in Shiraz, as well as Fars Province, are prepared to provide similar opportunities for affected students and professors.

Championing the Cause Amidst Global Challenges

The protests, which have spread across dozens of universities in the US and Europe. They are in response to the Washington-backed Israeli onslaught on Gaza. It has resulted in the loss of more than 34,000 lives since October of the previous year.

The overarching demand of these student protesters is for universities to sever ties with companies involved in advancing the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

Over the past 10 days, hundreds of students have faced arrests, suspensions, probation, and expulsion from colleges across the US, underscoring the urgency and significance of solidarity gestures such as the one offered by Shiraz University, Iran.

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