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SAMAA hosted Eid Milan function for Seniors


The South Asian Muslim Association of Australia (SAMAA) hosted Eid Milan for Seniors at Berala Community Centre Sydney on Saturday, April 20, 2024. The gathering aimed to unite community elders in commemorating the annual Eid-ul-Fitr festival.

The Berala Community Centre buzzed with activity as dignitaries. A large contingent of seniors, carers, volunteers, and friends of SAMAA filled the main hall.

The program commenced with the soulful recitation of a Naat, poetry venerating Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), by the esteemed Sydney singer, Adil Siddiqui.

Representatives from the Islamic Women’s Association of Australia (IWAA) conducted an informative session on various facets of aged care services. IWAA, renowned as the first Muslim aged care provider in Australia, specializes in delivering In-Home and Respite Aged Care services. Aijah Atan HC, a representative from IWAA, elucidated on the array of services offered, including Home Care packages covering personal care, respite care, social support, outings, and more.

Lynda Voltz MP, State Member for Auburn

Hon. Lynda Voltz MP, State Member for Auburn, lauded SAMAA’s initiatives in caring for the community’s seniors.

She emphasized the importance of planning for aged care needs in advance. Advocating for the necessity of having a Will, a Power of Attorney, and an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Julia Finn MP, State Member for Granville,

Hon. Julia Finn MP, State Member for Granville, commended SAMAA’s longstanding commitment to community welfare. She extended her assistance to constituents in accessing various services.

Zahid Jamil expressed gratitude to the MPs, seniors, and guests for their presence at the SAMAA event.

Zahid Jamil

He shed light on SAMAA’s inception and its growth trajectory, emphasizing its role in advocating for the aged care needs of South Asian Muslims.

Mecki Ansari, the event’s Master of Ceremonies, urged the community to support SAMAA in its endeavors.

Seniors relished a Mushaira (Urdu poetry session) chaired by renowned Sydney poet Ashraf Shad. It was hosted by senior Sydney poetess and SAMAA patron Kaneez Fatima Ali. The poetry session featured a lineup of esteemed poets, including Dr. Shabbir Hyder, Janab Arif Sadiq, Farhat Iqbal, Javed Nazar, Dr. Yasmeen Shad, and Tehmina Rao, eliciting applause and smiles from the audience.

As the session drew to a close, sentiments echoed that our elders deserve the utmost care and respect in their golden years, having toiled tirelessly to nurture their families.

For more information visit SAMAA’s website.

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