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Jag Bains Makes History as First Sikh-American Winner of Big Brother


25-year-old entrepreneur Jag Bains has etched his name in the annals of reality television by becoming the first Sikh-American to clinch the title of Big Brother 25. Hailing from Washington and the proud owner of a trucking company, Bains secured his victory in a nail-biting 100-day season, ultimately triumphing over the show’s first-ever deaf contestant, 27-year-old Deaflympics swimmer Matt Klotz from Louisiana, and the charismatic 46-year-old Australian DJ and barrister, Bowie Jane Ball.

Reflecting on his accomplishment, Bains expressed his satisfaction with his win during the finale, stating, “To be able to win this with integrity and loyalty the whole time is exactly what I wanted to do.” Beyond his groundbreaking win, Bains is the third consecutive winner to make history on the U.S. version of Big Brother. Preceding him were Xavier Prather, the first Black individual to claim victory in 2021, and Taylor Hale, who made history as the first Black woman to win in 2022.

Jag Bains, who exhibited resilience throughout the season, shattered records within the game. Not only did he emerge victorious after being voted out, a first in the show’s history, but he also boasts an all-time competition record and an all-time veto record. His finale performance culminated in a decisive 5-2 vote, securing his triumph over Matt Klotz.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Bains described his win as “being on top of the world.” As the victor, he will be taking home a substantial prize of $750,000, while the runner-up, Matt Klotz, received $75,000.

Bains delivered a dramatic final speech, appealing to the jury with impassioned words: “My hands are covered in your blood. I am the most dominant, masterful, strategic player in this house. I don’t only deserve to win, I have earned this victory.” Emphasizing the significance of his win, he added, “I am the first Sikh player on Big Brother, and not only that, you all need to make the right decision tonight so I can be crowned the first Sikh winner of Big Brother. It is the right thing to do, and I have earned it every step of the way.”

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