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London Bangla Press Club Elects New Leadership: Mohammad Zubayir Assumes Presidency


The London Bangla Press Club recently held its elections, marking a significant milestone for the Bengal media community in Britain. Mohammad Zubayir has been elected as the new President, Taisir Mahmud as the General Secretary, and Saleh Ahmed as the Treasurer for the club’s latest term.

In his inaugural address, President Mohammad Zubayir expressed his firm commitment to elevating the club to unprecedented heights with the collective efforts of its members. Re-elected General Secretary Taisir Mahmud highlighted the unity fostered within the club during the election process, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in achieving common goals.

The Zubair-Taisir-Murad Alliance secured a decisive victory, winning 12 out of the available posts, including the presidency and general secretary positions. On the other hand, the Nahas-Musleh-Saleh Alliance secured three positions. A total of 31 candidates, including both individuals and representatives from various media outlets, contested across two alliances.

The election process commenced at 2:30 pm and concluded at 6 pm, during which 288 club members cast their votes via secret ballot to support their preferred candidates. Serving as commissioners for the election were notable figures including BCA’s former President Bazlur Rashid MBE, Aziz Chowdhury, Chairman of Spitalfields Small Business Association, and Barrister Anwar Babul Mia.

Among the notable election outcomes, former Chief Reporter of Channel S and Founding Editor of Real News, Mohammad Zubayer, clinched the presidency, securing 139 votes against his rival candidate, former club president Syed Nahas Pasha.

Taisir Mahmud, the incumbent General Secretary, retained his position with 123 votes, while Saleh Ahmad secured re-election as the Treasurer with 157 votes. The elections also witnessed a historic moment as Rupee Amin became the first woman journalist in the club’s 30-year history to win an editorial post, serving as the Events and Facilities Secretary.

The club’s Annual General Meeting, presided over by the outgoing president Mohammad Madhuri and General Secretary Taisir Mahmud, featured discussions on transforming the club into an intellectual organization and introducing new initiatives such as publishing the LBPC journal.

Following the formal proceedings, the cultural event unfolded, featuring performances by renowned artists such as Bithi Chowdhury and Shampa Dewan from Bangladesh. Club members showcased their talents through songs, poems, and recitations, adding vibrancy to the evening.

The event concluded with the recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to various fields, underscoring the club’s commitment to honoring excellence and leadership within the community. Notable dignitaries in attendance included MPs, community leaders, and representatives from media organizations across the UK.

The London Bangla Press Club’s elections and subsequent events serve as a testament to the vibrancy and unity of the Bengal media community in Britain, reaffirming its commitment to upholding journalistic integrity and fostering cultural exchange.

Source: London Bangla Press Club website

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