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Melbourne’s Quang Minh Buddhist Temple Hosts Grand Celebration for Buddha’s 2567th Birth Anniversary


Buddha’s birthday was joyously observed worldwide this year, and Melbourne, Australia, joined in the festivities with a series of remarkable events. The magnificent Quang Minh Buddhist Temple in Baybrook became the epicenter of the commemoration, attracting a massive gathering to honor Buddha’s 2567th birth anniversary. This Vietnamese-style temple, adorned with impressive golden Buddha statues and sacred prayer objects, provided an ideal setting for the Buddha birthday event organized by the Indian Buddhist Community Australia. The temple ambiance, filled with numerous families in attendance, exuded a profound sense of reverence, epitomizing a multicultural gathering focused on promoting peace and harmony.

Beneath the towering presence of the golden Buddha, devoted followers and esteemed guests participated in the Buddha puja, conducted by revered monks. The monks received gifts, VIPs were recognized and honored, and captivating performances took place. Dignitaries in attendance included Sarah Connolly, Labor MP, Mathew Hilkari, Labor MP of Point Cook, Dr. Ien Kieu, former MP of Victoria, Girish Kumar from the Indian Consulate, Sarah Carter, Mayor of Maribyrnong Council, and Ean Green, Chairman of the Great Buddha Stupa in Bendigo. These esteemed guests extended their heartfelt wishes on Buddha’s birthday and emphasized its significance within the multicultural landscape of Victoria and Australia.

The event was meticulously organized, thanks to the tireless efforts and support of the office bearers and volunteers of the Indian Buddhist Community Australia.

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