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NACHA Celebrates Diwali in many countries along with Chhattisgarh NRIs Family


NACHA, the North America Chhattisgarh Association/NRI Association of Chhattisgarh, celebrated Diwali across multiple countries, including a festive gala for Chhattisgarh NRIs and families. In the United States, Diwali events were hosted in Chicago, San Francisco, California, Denver, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Charlotte, North California. Additionally, a global Diwali event took place in Dubai. Chapter executives have upcoming plans to host Diwali Galas in Seattle, Washington, Detroit, Michigan, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia, Singapore, and various other cities worldwide.

The Diwali Gala incorporated the celebration of Chhattisgarh Foundation Day, featuring showcases of Chhattisgarh’s rich heritage and culture. The event provided a platform for the younger generation to learn about their cultural roots. In Colorado, for example, children from the chapter learned to make clay Diyas. The Culture event drew participation from hundreds of NRIs who enjoyed the festivities.

Ganesh Kar, NACHA President, expressed pride in the organization’s efforts, highlighting that while many state-based organizations organize Diwali events for their NRIs, NACHA is distinguished for hosting this event specifically for the Chhattisgarh NRI community. Established as a non-profit organization in the USA in 2017, NACHA aims to globally promote Chhattisgarh state, its culture, and heritage. With a presence in 19 countries, the organization has successfully united Chhattisgarh on an international platform and extends support to individuals residing outside of India across various community initiatives.

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