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Los Angeles Mayor, American Community Advocate for New Indian Consulate


Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, alongside the Indian-American community, has recently made a fervent plea to the Indian government, requesting the establishment of a consulate in the city. Presently, the United States hosts Indian consulates in five major cities, namely New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta.

This call for a new consulate in Los Angeles comes in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s visit to the United States in June, during which it was officially announced that India would be opening two additional consulates. One of these consulates is planned for Seattle. Mayor Karen Bass, in a letter addressed to India’s Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, expressed her desire for Los Angeles to be considered as the location for the new Indian Consulate.

Mayor Bass’s letter underscores the significance of Los Angeles as a vibrant and diverse hub, not only within the United States but also on the global stage. With a burgeoning Indian-American population and a strong cultural connection to India, Los Angeles stands as an ideal candidate for an Indian consulate, which would serve as a vital bridge between the two nations.

The Indian-American community in Los Angeles has been an active proponent of this endeavor, recognizing the potential benefits such an establishment would bring. It would not only facilitate consular services but also promote stronger diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between India and the United States.

As discussions continue surrounding the allocation of India’s new consulates in the United States, the request from Mayor Karen Bass and the Indian-American community to have Los Angeles as one of the chosen locations demonstrates the city’s commitment to fostering deeper connections with India.

The prospect of a new Indian Consulate in Los Angeles holds the promise of further enhancing the already robust relations between the United States and India, as well as strengthening the bond between the Indian-American community and their ancestral homeland.

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