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Nepal Achieves Historic Victory Over Mongolia with Record-Breaking Performance


In a dazzling display of cricket prowess, Nepal scripted history by defeating Mongolia with a staggering margin of 273 runs in the Asian Games Men’s T20I tournament, setting numerous world records in the process. The Pingfeng Campus Cricket Field in Hangzhou witnessed an unforgettable clash between Nepal and Mongolia as part of the ongoing Asian Games 2023.

From the very first ball, Nepal showcased an unparalleled level of cricketing excellence, leaving fans and experts alike awestruck. The match, dubbed as a once-in-a-lifetime performance, saw Nepal shatter multiple records in a thrilling contest.

Record-Breaking Feats by Nepal:

  1. Highest Ever T20I Total – 314/3: Nepal started steadily, reaching 42/1 in 4.5 overs. However, they soon transformed into an unstoppable force, thanks to remarkable innings by Kushal Malla, Dipendra Singh Airee, and skipper Rohit Paudel. Ultimately, Nepal finished their innings with a monumental score of 314/3 in 20 overs, becoming the first team in T20I history to breach the 300-run mark. This achievement surpassed Afghanistan’s previous record of 278/3 against Ireland.
  2. Fastest T20I Century (Kushal Malla – 34 balls): Kushal Malla etched his name in cricket history by crafting a century in just 34 balls, an astonishing feat that rewrote the record books. Malla’s unbeaten 137 off 50 balls, adorned with 8 fours and a breathtaking 12 sixes, delivered a strike rate of 274. This performance now stands as the new world record for the fastest century in T20 internationals.
  3. Fastest T20I Fifty (Dipendra Singh-Airee – 9 balls): Dipendra Singh Airee achieved the impossible by reaching his half-century in just 9 balls, a feat that seemed unbreakable since Yuvraj Singh’s 12-ball fifty in the 2007 T20 World Cup. Airee’s innings included eight sixes, and he finished unbeaten with 52 runs from just 10 balls, leaving a record that appears untouchable.
  4. Highest Strike Rate in an Innings (Dipendra Singh Airee – 520): In addition to his fastest fifty, Dipendra Singh Airee displayed unparalleled striking prowess with a strike rate of 520 for his 52 runs, setting a new record for the highest strike rate in a T20I innings (minimum 10 balls).
  5. Biggest Win by Runs in T20Is (273 runs): Nepal’s brilliance extended to their bowling as well, making it impossible for Mongolia to chase down 315 runs. Mongolia’s batsmen struggled and managed just 41 runs in 13.1 overs, with 23 of those coming from extras. Nepal secured an astonishing victory by a colossal margin of 273 runs, surpassing the previous record held by the Czech Republic, who defeated Turkey by 257 runs in 2019.
  6. Most Sixes Hit in T20I Innings (26 sixes): Nepal’s performance with the bat was marked by a flurry of sixes, with the team collectively hitting 26 sixes. This incredible display of power-hitting now stands as the new record for the most sixes in a T20I innings, surpassing Afghanistan’s previous record of 22 sixes against Ireland in 2019.
  7. Highest Proportion of Runs in Extras (56 percent): Nepal’s dominance extended to their bowling, where they proved to be too formidable for Mongolia. Mongolia was bundled out for a mere 41 runs in 13.1 overs, with only one batsman reaching double digits. Remarkably, 56 percent of Mongolia’s total score came from extras, marking the highest proportion of runs scored in extras by a team in T20I history.
  8. First Official Century in Asian Games (Kushal Malla’s 137 not out): Kushal Malla’s unbeaten 137 not out etched his name in history as the first player to score a century in Asian Games cricket. This achievement is officially recognized as the first-ever century at Asian Games, distinguishing it from previous editions where T20I or T20 status was absent.

Nepal’s extraordinary performance in this historic match has left an indelible mark in the world of cricket, and these records may stand as a testament to their unmatched skill and determination for years to come. Fans around the world will undoubtedly cherish this unforgettable moment in cricketing history.

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