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Nine-Year-Old British Indian Chess Prodigy Joins England’s Olympiad Team


Nine-Year-Old British Indian Chess Prodigy Joins England’s Olympiad Team. Nine-year-old British Indian Bodhana Sivanandan has joined England’s Chess Olympiad team, making her the youngest member in the squad set to compete in Budapest this September. This talented British Indian girl from Harrow has already achieved an impressive 2185 Elo rating, ranking her as the top under-10 girl in the world.

Bodhana’s inclusion in the team is historic, as she becomes the newest and youngest member of England’s women’s team. The next youngest team member is 23-year-old Lan Yao, while the other players are in their 30s and 40s. This age disparity highlights Bodhana’s extraordinary skill and potential in the chess world.

An Impressive Track Record

Despite her young age, Bodhana has a string of accomplishments under her belt. Last year, she became England’s first world youth chess champion. In 2022, Bodhana won all three chess world championships in the under-eight age group – in the classical game, where a match lasts several hours, the rapid game, which lasts up to an hour, and the blitz game, which can be as short as three minutes. She is also a multiple-time champion and holds the title of Woman FIDE Master, a prestigious recognition in the chess community. Her rapid rise in the chess rankings has garnered attention and admiration from players and enthusiasts worldwide.

Beginning During the Pandemic

Bodhana began playing chess during the Covid-19 pandemic. She explained, “When one of my dad’s friends was going back to India, he gave us a few bags [of possessions]. There was a chessboard, and I was interested in the pieces, so I started playing.” She added that chess makes her feel “good” and helps her with “lots of other things like maths, how to calculate.”

Preparing for the Olympiad

As the Chess Olympiad approaches, Bodhana’s preparation is in full swing. Her rigorous training regimen includes daily practice sessions, strategic game analysis, and participation in various tournaments. Her dedication and passion for the game are evident in her disciplined approach, which has already yielded significant results.

Bodhana’s participation in the Olympiad not only marks a personal milestone but also serves as an inspiration to young chess players everywhere. Her journey underscores the importance of nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for them to shine on the global stage.

Community Support and Future Aspirations

The Harrow community has rallied behind Bodhana, celebrating her achievements and supporting her preparations. Her success story has become a source of pride and motivation for many young aspiring chess players in the area.

Looking ahead, Bodhana has ambitious goals. She aims to continue improving her game, compete in more international tournaments, and eventually attain the title of Grandmaster. Her determination and talent suggest that these goals are well within her reach.

A Bright Future for English Chess

Bodhana Sivanandan’s entry into England’s Chess Olympiad team signals a bright future for English chess. Her participation brings a fresh perspective and youthful energy to the team, which will undoubtedly benefit from her unique insights and strategic prowess.

As the Olympiad in Budapest draws near, all eyes will be on this young prodigy. Whether she’s making bold moves on the chessboard or inspiring a new generation of players, Bodhana Sivanandan is set to leave a lasting impact on the world of chess.

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