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Pak-Aus. Engineers Association (PAE) annual event/dinner 2022 held in Himalaya Granville Sydney


The Pak-Aus. Engineers Association (PAE) organized an annual event/dinner on Saturday, 3rd Dec 2022 to brief everyone on job opportunities in regional areas and the Greater Sydney region.

The event was attended by various industry leaders, community partners, experienced & qualified engineers, media personnel, and representatives of community organizations.

The esteemed guests included His Excellency Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, High Commissioner of Pakistan, Hon. Julia Finn MP, Charlie Rizk, Director of Sitecorp Construction, Mr. Nidal Hamdan of Masscon Consulting Group, Arshad Mahmood Director Axial Construction, Tony Osten, Managing Director of Eastern Engineering, Rizwan Ali, MD ARL Laboratory and Latif Ch Director of COCOON SDA Care.

The Community Organisations were represented by Farhat Jaffri, President Pakistan Association of Australia, Aijaz Khan, President Pakistan Australia Association, Dr Khurram Kayani of the Professional Association, Iftikhar  Rana President of PABC, Dr Yasmin Khan and Noor Ahmed of Shaukat Khanum Australia, Mrs Shafaq Jaffery of Pak-Aus. Woman Association, Shakeel of Pakistan Mission International.

Media partners included Mr. Rehan Alvi of SBS radio, Zafar Hussain Shah of Sada-e- Watan Raja Taser of Hum Watan, Muneer Muhd of Rabitah, Abbas Rana of Channel Five, Shafaq Jeffery of Pechan TV.

General Secretary of PAE, Fuad Ahmed, hosted the event with the assistance of Joint-Secretary Syed Abdul Ghani Azizi. The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Faisal Athar, followed by the national anthems of both Australia and Pakistan.

PAE’s President Mr. Insaf Khan commenced the night with a welcome note for all the participants. He briefed everyone on the organization’s mission and core values, explaining in detail the purpose of giving back to the community in the way of helping young & new migrants with job placements in their respective fields. Mr. Insaf also thanked everyone for their continued support. The welcome note was followed by the introduction of PAE’s Executive Committee.

Dr. Tahir Qureshi then presented the achievements of PAE, which included the annual event from last year along with many job placements of new migrants over the last 2 years.

Khalid Javed gave a briefing on future programs to be held by PAE and what is to be expected for the next year. PAE has already scheduled technical Webinars and management training for the upcoming year.

The next segment of the event continued with speeches from valued guests. The speeches started with Craig Hort, MD Hort Enterprises for Job opportunities in the Regional Area, Charlie Rizk, Director of Sitecorp, explaining the current market situation of the construction industry and job availabilities. He offered his assistance to new migrants and explained the current shortfall within the sector. Elena Shulyak, Chair of Sydney Migrant Engineers Group Sydney Division Committee Member also explained the function of the Migrant division and how it can help migrant Engineers.

The Hon. Julia Finn MP delivered a speech appreciating the organization’s efforts and offered her continued support for PAE. The High Commissioner, H.E.Mr. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri also appreciated the organization’s commitment and Mr. Insaf Khan’s efforts. He even announced to delegate an officer from High Commission office to liaise with PAE on various issues raised by Mr. Insaf Khan, President of PAE.

Following the speeches, Syed Abdul Ghani Azizi hosted the awards ceremony. There were 5 award categories; innovation, engineering industry, engineering services awards (25+ years), community service, and lastly, the lifetime achievement awards. The highly anticipated innovation award was announced by PAE’s Public Relations Officer, Dr. Mansoor Syed. The awards were presented to the respective organizations and individuals by PAE’s President, Insaf Khan, Hon. Julia Finn MP, and High Commissioner, H.E.Mr. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri.

Insaf Khan vote of thanks to PAE’s Executive Committee members for their efforts in making this event a success. The event concluded with networking opportunities over sumptuous dinner.

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