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Record people attend the Islamic High Council of Australia- Darulfatwa’s 14th Multicultural Mawlid event


In another successful event commemorating the birth of the best of creation—Prophet Muhammad, held under the patronage of Darulfatwa Australia at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre, a crowd of over 5000 rushed to celebrate the great occasion of the birth of the best of creation—Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

This year’s Multicultural Mawlid Concert carried the slogan, ‘Allah the Greatest we Thank for Granting Muhammad the Highest Rank’. Muslims from all walks of life, non-Muslim, young and old, officials, dignitaries, diplomats, media representatives and families filled the stadium from 2pm, waiting in suspense for the surprises to unveil. This Great event was held in Sydney on Sunday, 24th Sept 2023.

As the crowd was being seated, Darulfatwa dignitaries hosted the VIP reception hall. The VIP guests included Hon. Jihad Dib MP, Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government.

Minister for Emergency Services and Minister for Youth Justice, Representing Premier of NSW Hon. Chris Minns MP; Mr Jordan Lane MP representing the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Mark Speakman; Dr Marjorie O’Neill MP Member for Coogee and Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Minister; The Hon. Jacqui Munro, MLC Member of the Legislative Council; Ms. Lynda Voltz MP Member for Auburn; Ms. Julia Finn MP Member for Granville; Ms. Charishma Kaliyanda, MP Member for Liverpool; Ms Kylie Wilkinson, MP Member for East Hills, Mrs Donna Davis Member for Parramatta; Mr Nathan Hagarty MP Member for Leppington Dato’ (Dr.) Nooh Gadut, Chairman of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs in Malaysia; Dr Abdul Ghofur Maimoen, Representing Dr. (H.C.) K.H. Yahya Cholil Staquf Chairman of the Executive Council of Nahdlatul Ulama Indonesia.; H.E. Mr Kemal MUFTIĆ Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina , H.E. Mr Milad Raad Ambassador of Lebanon; Mr. Yazan BAZADOUGH Deputy Head of Mission Jordan Embassy; Mr. Mohamed Khalil Consul General of Egypt; Mr. Vedi Kurnia Buana Consul General of Indonesia; Mr. Mohamad Faizal Mohamad Zin Consul of Education Consulate of Malaysia; Mr. Amir Sahinovic Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mr Mayer DABBAGH Honorary Consul of Syria; Superintendent Adam Johnson Bankstown police commander NSW Police; Acting Commander Ma’am Michelle Ritchie Auburn police commander NSW Police; A/ Commander Peter FogartyAustralia Federal Police, The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane ,Clr Masud Khalil Campbelltown City Council; CLR Mohamad Hussein Cumberland City Council; Clr Sabrin Farooqui Cumberland City Council; Councillor Khodr Saleh OA Canterbury Bankstown City Council; Clr Charbel Abouraad Canterbury Bankstown City Council; alongside numerous Imams, religious and community leaders of diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, businessmen and professionals.

After the official welcoming and the opening recitation of the noble Qur’an, the convoy of nobility comprising over 90 imams and sheikhs from diverse ethnic backgrounds, unified in their traditional gowns and turbans, took to the stage in a demonstration of honour and glory. Headed by the Chairman of Darulfatwa- the High Islamic Council of Australia, his eminence professor.

Sheikh Salim Alwan, who was carrying the blessed Treasure Chest, presented the sacred box with the Hair of the master of the world, prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him, to the people on a rising podium. In his short but sharp word describing the situation and stand of Muslims around the world, his eminence professor Sheikh Salim Alwan said: Today we gather to celebrate a momentous occasion – the birth of the greatest Prophet, Prophet Muhammad.

This occasion is celebrated by Muslims all over the world and it’s a public holiday in many Muslim countries. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad taught us the values of tolerance, kindness, and mercy. It is no wonder, as he was sent as a mercy to the world. Muslims in Australia have made significant contributions to the development of this country. Darulfatwa and its affiliated religious, educational, youth, women’s and social institutions, adhere to an approach of moderation and fairness, rejecting radicalism and abhorrent extremism in both action and preaching. This approach is essential for the safety and well-being of any society.

Our reputation for promoting moderation and coexistence has made us a world leader in teaching about this topic. This has also led to closer cooperation with major Islamic institutions such as Al-Azhar in Egypt, Jakim in Malaysia, the Indonesian Scholars Council, Al Kairouan in Morocco, and Al-Zaytouna University in Tunisia. This has led to invitations from international religious institutions, both governmental and private, in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other Muslim countries to lecture in these fields.

ICPA President, Haj Mohammad Mehio welcomed the guests who responded graciously to the invitation of Darulfatwa in attending the Mawlid and in his message said: Today we stand together. Our solidarity and cooperation are important elements for constructing a sound, moderate and advanced Islamic society. Today, in the Muslim and non-Muslim world, we continue to witness horrendous acts of terror on the hands of extremists endorsing malicious terrorist organisations under the banner of Islam.

The Governor General Hon. David Hurley acknowledged Darulfatwa Australia and the Muslims community in Australia in a video message, NSW Premier the Hon. Chris Minns MP congratulated Darulfatwa and the Muslim community on the great occasion in his video message. In his speech Hon. Jihad Dib MP, Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government Minister for Emergency Services, Minister for Youth Justice ,representing the Premier of NSW Hon. Chris Minns MP acknowledged the many activities that he has participated in with Darulfatwa Australia and the ICPA Mr Jordan Lane MP representing the Leader of the Opposition Hon Mark Speakman congratulated Darulfatwa and the Muslim community on the great occasion. The evening progressed with spectacular stage performances from twelve different countries including a play narrating the birth of the prophet followed by welcoming on stage the Australian Islamic Chanting group, accompanied by a special guest who arrived from Sweden to uphold the Mawlid concert – the world renowned chanter Khaled Al Atyar. The night ended with supplications.

The audience then made their way outside to seek the blessings from the traces of Prophet Muhammad and cast their eyes on the sacred relics. In its tradition to unite Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds, the 2023 Multicultural Mawlid Concert was organized by a committee of over twenty members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in Sydney, led by the Islamic Charity Projects Association (ICPA) under the patronage of Darulfatwa Islamic High council of Australia. Three hundred volunteers diverse in age, gender and culture participated in the success of the event.

The grand event was broadcasted live and exclusive on the Muslim Community Radio 2MFM 92.1FM and can be viewed on YouTube and the 2MFM Facebook page.

– Article written by Mohamad Chams, Manager Darulfatwa Australia

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