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Sikh-Canadian Businessman Earns Coveted Citizen of the Year Title for Transformative Healthcare Contribution


In a heartwarming tribute to unwavering dedication and generosity, the esteemed title of Citizen of the Year was bestowed upon Bikram Dhillon, a prominent Sikh-Canadian businessman. His remarkable philanthropy, highlighted by a staggering $10 million donation to healthcare initiatives in Brampton, has not only elevated the city’s medical landscape but also garnered him recognition as a community champion.

The story of Bikram Dhillon’s ascent from a single gas station in Brantford in 1999 to the helm of the revered BVD Group reads like a testament to entrepreneurial prowess. What began as a modest endeavor has blossomed into a conglomerate of 16 truck stops and over 850 collaborating locations, solidifying Dhillon’s stature as a pivotal figure in the trucking industry.

The enduring mark of Dhillon’s benevolence is etched in the very infrastructure of Brampton Civic Hospital. The William Osler Health Foundation, in a touching acknowledgment of his generosity, christened a portion of the hospital as the Bikram S. Dhillon and Family South Tower. Ken Mayhew, the foundation’s president, hailed this transformative gift as a poignant reflection of the company’s profound commitment to enhancing the well-being of the community.

For Bikram Dhillon, the donation is not merely a financial contribution but a profound personal connection. All four of his children and his nine grandchildren were welcomed into the world within the embrace of Osler hospitals. He aspires for his gesture to inspire others to contribute to the hospitals, emphasizing that each contribution, regardless of scale, can contribute to the advancement of healthcare facilities.

Looking ahead, the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness is set to redefine Brampton’s healthcare landscape. With plans for a multi-storey patient tower housing 250 inpatient beds, expanded outpatient services, and an additional 24/7 Emergency Department, the center embodies the city’s commitment to holistic health and well-being.

Since 1974, the City of Brampton has consistently acknowledged exceptional individuals across sports, arts, and community service, a tradition that Bikram Dhillon now joins, leaving an indelible mark with his transformative generosity.

The monumental $10 million contribution made by Dhillon’s company to the William Osler Health System in June 2022 has been hailed as a cornerstone of healthcare transformation in Brampton. This noble act of benevolence culminated in his recognition as Brampton’s Citizen of the Year.

“Dhillon is a local community builder who’s made transformative contributions to local health care in Brampton,” echoed a tweet from the City of Brampton, congratulating Dhillon on this well-deserved accolade. In honoring Bikram Dhillon, the city not only celebrates his benevolence but also pays homage to the power of compassionate individuals in shaping the destiny of communities.

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