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South Asian Innovators Lead AI Revolution in Dallas-Fort Worth

Indian Americans dominate the list


South Asian Innovators Lead AI Revolution in Dallas-Fort Worth. Presenting the First-Ever AI 75: Meet the Most Innovative Leaders in Artificial Intelligence in Dallas-Fort Worth, these pioneers are revolutionizing industries with their expertise and vision.

Naveena Allampalli

Naveena Allampalli, Senior Director AI/Gen AI Solutions and Chief AI Architect at CBRE. Allampalli leads AI, machine learning, and cloud solutions at CBRE, a commercial real estate services and investment company based in Dallas. Recognized for her leadership in AI and emerging technologies by Fairygodboss, Allampalli holds a master’s degree in computers and mathematics with a focus on computer science and artificial intelligence.

Sumit Anand

Sumit Anand, Chief Strategy and Information Officer at At Home, a Dallas-based chain of home décor stores. Anand spearheads technology and cybersecurity capabilities at At Home, collaborating with Tata Consulting Services to implement innovative solutions. Named to the Forbes CIO Next List of top technology leaders, Anand is pioneering the integration of AI with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to enhance the retail experience.

Chithrai Mani

Chithrai Mani, CEO of Digit7, is leading the way in autonomous stores and self-checkout systems. Leveraging his expertise in AI and digital transformation, Digit7 has become a trailblazer in retail and hospitality industries with cutting-edge solutions like DigitKart and DigitMart. Before leading Digit7, Mani served as the chief technology and innovation officer at InfoVision Inc., driving digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies.

Shahmeer Mirza

Shahmeer Mirza, Senior Director of Data, AI/ML, and R&D at 7-Eleven, is revolutionizing the retail landscape with cashier-less technology. Mirza’s AI-powered Checkout-Free solution tracks customer purchases seamlessly, creating a frictionless shopping experience in cashier-less stores. Prior to joining 7-Eleven, Mirza piloted AI and machine learning projects at PepsiCo, demonstrating their long-term impact in research and development.

Shri Prakash Singh

Shri Prakash Singh, Head of Data Science & Analytics at McAfee, is a prominent figure in AI-driven cybersecurity. Singh plays a pivotal role in detecting and responding to evolving cyber threats, sharing his expertise at public forums like the Dallas CDAO Executive Summit. Recognized as one of the country’s 100 Most Influential AI Leaders by AIM Research, Singh is shaping the future of cybersecurity with AI.

Subhashini Tripuraneni

Subhashini Tripuraneni, Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase, leads AI and machine learning initiatives to enhance critical business processes. Recognized as one of the top women advancing AI in Texas, Tripuraneni applies AI in retailing and banking, co-authoring a book on artificial intelligence. She speaks widely on the use of AI in retail and banking, driving innovation in financial institutions.

Milind Borkar

Milind Borkar, Founder and CEO of Illuma Labs, is revolutionizing voice authentication and fraud prevention with AI technology. Illuma’s flagship product, Illuma Shield, utilizes AI and advanced signal processing for faster and more accurate authentication. Borkar, a former Texas Instruments engineer, holds advanced degrees in electrical and computer engineering, driving innovation in fintech.

Ravi Shankar Kumar

Ravi Shankar Kumar, Co-Founder and CTO of Theatro, is pioneering AI technologies for hourly retail workers. Theatro’s mobile app platform empowers store associates with AI-driven information access, enhancing retail operations. With over 40 patents in analytics and voice technology, Kumar ensures Theatro’s AI applications are ethical and unbiased, leading in technology innovation.

Panna Sharma

Panna Sharma, President, CEO, and Director of Lantern Pharma, is leveraging AI in oncology drug discovery and development. Lantern’s proprietary AI platform, RADR, personalizes cancer therapies using advanced machine learning algorithms. Sharma’s leadership is reducing the time and cost of oncology drug development, making breakthroughs in cancer treatment accessible.

Sanjiv S. Sidhu

Sanjiv S. Sidhu, Co-Founder and Chairman of o9 Solutions, is shaping the future of AI-driven decision-making. With two multibillion-dollar companies to his name, Sidhu pioneers AI-driven business planning platforms, enabling dynamic decision-making. A thought leader in AI transformation, Sidhu shares insights on AI applications in business operations.

Deepak Seth

Deepak Seth, Creator/Founder of DEEPakAI: AI Demystified, is democratizing AI knowledge through his newsletter. Seth drives AI adoption at Charles Schwab, enhancing customer service with AI technologies. An adjunct professor at Texas Christian University, Seth educates future AI professionals, pioneering AI initiatives in financial services.

Gautam Das

Gautam Das, Associate Dean for Research at The University of Texas at Arlington, is a leading figure in AI research and education. Das’ research in AI, machine learning, and Big Data analytics drives innovation across industries. He pioneers AI approaches for data management systems, ensuring fairness and explainability in AI applications.

Pranav Kumar

Pranav Kumar, Digital Project Manager at LERMA/Agency, is innovating AI applications in advertising and diversity efforts. Kumar’s AI-driven initiatives promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in creative outputs, combating biases in AI-generated imagery. With degrees in telecommunication, media studies, and marketing, Kumar drives AI innovation in multicultural advertising.

Sanjay Basu

Sanjay Basu, Senior Director of Cloud Engineering at Oracle Inc., is advancing AI ethics and responsible AI in enterprise applications. Basu’s expertise in AI and cloud computing drives innovation at Oracle, ensuring ethical AI adoption. With advanced degrees in applied management and AI certifications from top universities, Basu leads AI initiatives in enterprise solutions.

Abhi Ingle

Abhi Ingle, Chief Business Officer at Qualtrics, is spearheading AI-driven experience management solutions. Ingle’s leadership at Qualtrics supercharges experience management with AI technologies. An AI thought leader and advisor in the AI space, Ingle drives AI adoption across industries, shaping the future of customer experience.

Mano Mannoochahr, SVP and Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Travelers, is transforming insurance through AI and machine learning. Mannoochahr’s leadership drives data-driven decision-making at Travelers, improving underwriting processes and customer experiences. Recognized as a disruptive trailblazer in data, Mannoochahr pioneers AI applications in insurance.

Ram Ramisetti

Ram Ramisetti, Analyst at McCarthy Building Companies, is revolutionizing construction with AI and robotics. Ramisetti’s initiatives at McCarthy streamline construction processes with AI-driven solutions, reducing downtime and costs. With ethical guidelines for AI applications, Ramisetti ensures responsible AI adoption in construction.

Alka Siddiqui

Alka Siddiqui, Senior Director of AI and Intelligent Automations at RTX, is integrating advanced AI capabilities in aerospace and defense. Siddiqui’s leadership drives digital transformation at RTX, implementing AI-driven solutions. A thought leader in AI, Siddiqui shapes the future of AI in aerospace and defense industries.

Latheef Syed

Latheef Syed, Associate Vice President at Verizon, is transforming Verizon into an AI powerhouse. Syed’s expertise in data products and engineering drives AI adoption at Verizon, shaping the company’s future. A guest lecturer and speaker on emerging technologies, Syed educates on AI across industries.

Vimal Vasudevan

Vimal Vasudevan, Head of Digital Parcel at Korber Supply Chain LLC, is innovating industrial processes with AI and IoT technologies. Vasudevan’s leadership at Korber unlocks efficiencies and reduces maintenance costs with data-driven decision-making. Educating the community on digital technologies, Vasudevan drives AI innovation in industrial systems.

Aamer Charania

Aamer Charania, President and Co-Founder of Dallas AI, is pioneering AI initiatives in North Texas. Charania’s leadership at Dallas AI promotes AI education and adoption, driving innovation across industries. A board member and advisor, Charania shapes the AI landscape in North Texas.

Babar Bhatti

Babar Bhatti, EVP and Co-Founder of Dallas AI, is advancing AI adoption in North Texas. Bhatti’s leadership at Dallas AI promotes AI education and drives innovation in the region. With over 15 years of AI experience, Bhatti shapes the AI ecosystem through education and advocacy.

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