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StartupBlink Report: India Leads, Pakistan, Bangladesh Show Gains, Sri Lanka, Nepal Make Strides, Afghanistan Emerges

StartupBlink: India Leads South Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh Show Gains, Sri Lanka, Nepal Make Strides, Afghanistan Emerges. StartupBlink, the leading global startup ecosystem map and research center, has released its highly anticipated Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2024. This comprehensive report presents the latest and most detailed analysis of the global startup economy. The report reports ranking of 100 countries and 1000 cities based on a rigorous, data-driven algorithm.

Highlighting the dynamic and rapidly evolving startup landscapes, the Index reveals significant advancements, with India leading the charge in South Asia and showcasing impressive global positioning.

Meanwhile, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan are also making notable strides, reflecting the region’s growing influence and the transformative impact of innovation across various cities. These developments emphasize the critical role of startups in driving economic growth and technological progress throughout South Asia.

India: Dominating the Rankings

India has made a remarkable return to the global top 20 in the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2024. Reversing last year’s negative momentum, India climbed two spots to secure the 19th position, underscoring its significant advancement. As the undisputed leader in South Asia, India’s total score is nearly 14 times that of Pakistan. The country’s startup scene is vibrant, with Bangalore maintaining its position as the 8th best ecosystem globally for the third consecutive year. New Delhi also showed strong performance, climbing two spots this year and moving closer to the global top 10 with a seven-spot improvement since 2019.

Indian Startup Ecosystems in the StartupBlink Index 2024.

Pakistan: Steady Progress

Pakistan’s startup ecosystem continues to show promise, maintaining its position as the second-best in South Asia. Karachi made a significant leap, jumping 55 spots to enter the global top 200. Lahore and Islamabad also demonstrated positive momentum, with Lahore climbing 31 spots to rank 217th and Islamabad gaining a total of 247 places since entering the Index. This upward trend highlights the growing decentralization of Pakistan’s startup ecosystems.

Pakistan Startup Ecosystems in the StartupBlink Index 2024.

Bangladesh: Climbing the Ranks

Bangladesh continued its positive trajectory, with Dhaka making a substantial jump of 71 spots to rank within the top 150 globally. Overall, Bangladesh moved up six places to rank 83rd in 2024, maintaining its fourth position in South Asia. Dhaka’s improvement to the 8th spot regionally, just behind Karachi, signifies the city’s growing influence in the startup scene.

The Bangladesh Startup Ecosystems in the StartupBlink Index 2024.

Sri Lanka: Rising Innovation

Sri Lanka’s startup ecosystem saw a notable increase in 2024, jumping seven spots from the previous year to rank 76th globally. With two cities in the top 1000, Sri Lanka continues to be a favorable environment for startups in South Asia.

Afghanistan and Nepal: Emerging Players

Although Afghanistan’s startup scene is still in its infancy and not yet ranked in the GSEI 2024, notable startups like Miracle Shop by Vocinno Technology are paving the way for future innovation. Nepal, on the other hand, has one city in the top 1000 and showed progress by climbing five spots from the previous year, now ranking 103rd globally.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2024, launched by StartupBlink, provides the most comprehensive research on the global startup economy. Featuring rankings of 100 countries and 1000 cities, the Index is based on an objective algorithm using quantifiable data. The full report is available for free download and offers detailed insights into the startup scenes of various countries, highlighting their most innovative cities, leading startup industries, unicorns, and organizations driving local innovation. The rankings can also be explored through interactive tables on the Global Ecosystem Map.

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