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Baltej Dhillon Becomes Chair of WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors, Making History as the First South Asian Canadian


Baltej Dhillon, a former police officer with extensive experience in law enforcement and investigations, has been selected as the new chair of WorkSafeBC‘s board of directors, effective from June 30, 2023. Dhillon, who previously worked on the Air India file, is the first South Asian Canadian to assume this position. He has been a member of the WorkSafeBC board since 2017 and takes over from Jeff Parr, who served as chair from August 2020 to June 2023.

Expressing gratitude for Jeff Parr’s service, Minister of Labour Harry Bains welcomed Baltej Dhillon’s appointment and expressed confidence in his ability to enhance the workers’ compensation system. Minister Bains acknowledged Dhillon’s law enforcement expertise, which includes his work as a veteran police officer and his six years of experience as a director at WorkSafeBC. Dhillon’s dedication to investigating serious workplace incidents and preventing their recurrence aligns with WorkSafeBC’s mission.

Throughout his career, Dhillon has demonstrated exceptional commitment and achievements. His notable accomplishments include serving as a police officer for over three decades, specializing in intelligence, special enforcement, protective services, and investigations related to the Air India task force and the Pickton case. Dhillon also made history by being the first RCMP member to wear a turban as part of the uniform.

His contributions to the community were recognized with the Queen Elizabeth II Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals. In his new role as chair of WorkSafeBC’s board of directors, Dhillon eagerly anticipates collaborating with key stakeholders to enhance workplace health and safety. His primary objective is to ensure the well-being of workers and promote a safe working environment. Dhillon is excited to commence his duties, working alongside fellow board members and the dedicated staff at WorkSafeBC to make continued progress in improving the workers’ compensation system, catering to the needs of workers, employers, and the broader community.

The appointment of the WorkSafeBC board of directors falls under the jurisdiction of the B.C. minister of labour. The board comprises professionals from various relevant fields, including occupational health and safety, law enforcement, and actuarial science. Additionally, representation from workers, employers, and the public interest is mandated by the Workers Compensation Act. These board members play a crucial role in safeguarding WorkSafeBC and the workers’ compensation system as a whole.

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