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Missouri city School, Texas Named After Indian American Sonal Bhuchar


In a touching ceremony that brought the local community together, the Sonal Bhuchar Elementary School in Missouri City, Texas, was formally dedicated to the memory of the remarkable Indian-American trailblazer, Sonal Bhuchar. The event, attended by prominent guests, paid heartfelt tribute to her unwavering dedication to education and community welfare.

D C Manjunath, the Consul General of India, was among the distinguished guests who paid their respects during the dedication ceremony. He presented the primary school with special books on India, emphasizing the strong cultural ties and shared values that unite the two nations.

“CG participated in an event organized to dedicate the new Sonal Bhuchar Elementary School at Fort Bend Independent School District. Paid tributes to Dr. Sonal Bhuchar, an outstanding Indian American community member who dedicated her life to Education and community welfare in many capacities, including as the former President of the Board of Trustees of the School District, after whom the School is named. Bengals- Royal Bengal Tiger is the mascot of the School,” the Consulate General of Houston, Texas, tweeted on the social media platform X.

The Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) Board of Trustees wholeheartedly approved the decision to name the elementary school after Sonal Bhuchar. This heartfelt gesture comes as a tribute to the memory of a beloved community member who passed away in 2019 due to complications from cancer, at the age of 58.

Sonal Bhuchar had a remarkable legacy of service and leadership. She served as a member of the FBISD board of directors, where she was known for her consensus-building abilities and her trailblazing spirit. In her six years on the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees, including two as President, she made a significant impact on education and community welfare.

Beyond her role in education, Sonal devoted her time to various community organizations, including Child Advocates, the Literacy Council, the Cultural Arts Foundation, and the Fort Bend Education Foundation. Her commitment to public service even led to an appointment by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to the One Star National Service Commission Board in 2015. In this capacity, she promoted volunteerism and oversaw the administration of AmeriCorps programs in Texas.

Sonal Bhuchar, a professional physiotherapist, was originally from Mumbai and received her bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Mumbai University. In 1984, she and her husband, Dr. Subodh Bhuchar, a physician, moved to Houston, Texas, where they became pillars of the local community.

The dedication ceremony for the school named in her honor took place in August and was a spectacular event. The school’s mascot, Royal, is a Bengal tiger, symbolizing Sonal Bhuchar’s Indian heritage. The name “ROYAL” is an acronym, standing for Resilient, Optimistic, Youthful, Admirable, and Leader, capturing the essence of her enduring legacy.

The Sonal Bhuchar Elementary School stands as a lasting tribute to a remarkable woman whose dedication and leadership continue to inspire the Missouri City community and beyond.

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