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Puja Tomar Scripts History, Becomes First Indian Fighter to Win UFC

Historic Victory for Indian MMA


Puja Tomar Scripts History, Becomes First Indian Fighter to Win UFC. On Saturday, June 8, Puja Tomar made history by becoming the first Indian fighter to win the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC). In a landmark achievement for mixed martial arts in India, Tomar defeated Brazilian opponent Rayanne dos Santos by a split decision, with scores of 30-27, 27-30, and 29-28. This victory marks a significant milestone not only for Tomar but also for the Indian MMA community.

The Grueling Encounter

The fight was intense, with all three rounds showcasing the fighters’ skills and determination. Santos leveraged her height and power, controlling much of the bout and keeping Tomar on the defensive. Despite Santos dictating the terms for the majority of the 15 minutes, Tomar rallied in the final moments, delivering a relentless series of kicks and punches. Her tenacity and strategic prowess ultimately led to her surprise victory on the final scorecard.

A Moment of Pride

After her historic win, Tomar expressed immense pride and dedication to her fans and fellow fighters. “I want to show the world that Indian fighters are not losers. We are going all the way up! We are not going to stop! We’ll become a UFC champion soon! This win is not my win, it’s for all Indian fans and all Indian fighters. I walked out to my Indian song with the Indian flag, and I felt so proud. I had goosebumps. Inside the Octagon, there was no pressure, I just thought, ‘I have to win’. I took two or three punches, but I’m OK. I’m going to improve myself and I’m going all the way up,” Tomar said, highlighting her determination and national pride.

Recognition from UFC Leadership

Kevin Chang, UFC Senior Vice President and Head of Asia, praised Tomar’s groundbreaking achievement. “Puja Tomar is a pioneer for women’s MMA in India, and her win made history. India has a long-standing tradition of women excelling in combat sports, and UFC has been a platform for women to shine since 2013, so Puja’s debut shows how far the UFC has come as a sport. We are looking forward to Puja continuing to put on amazing performances as she represents India.”

Tomar’s victory has set a new precedent for Indian fighters in the UFC. Her journey from Muzaffarnagar to the global stage serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes across India. As she continues to hone her skills and compete at the highest level, Tomar’s success is expected to pave the way for more Indian fighters to make their mark in the UFC.

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