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South Africa: Irfaan Mangera, A Political Face Emerges

South Africa

South Africa, Irfaan Mangera, activist from Gauteng emerges as a young political face. He is spearheading a movement to revolutionize South Africa’s political landscape. He is the founding member since the inception of Rise Mzansi, a newly formed political party.

Driven by Frustration with the Status Quo

Frustrated with the inefficiencies and corruption plaguing the country’s leadership, Mangera, aged 27, decided to step into national politics. Fueled by a longstanding commitment to community activism dating back to his primary school days.

Founding Member of Rise Mzansi

As a founding member of Rise Mzansi, Mangera played a pivotal role in establishing the party. The party officially debuted in April 2023 under the leadership of Songezo Zibi, a former newspaper editor. Mangera currently serves as the Civic Alliances Coordinator within the party’s National Leadership Collective.

A Movement for Change

Mangera’s motivation stems from a desire to build a new political movement that prioritizes the needs of the people over personal interests. Since its inception, Rise Mzansi has actively engaged with rural communities and townships, echoing the model of the United Democratic Front.

A Legacy of Activism

Mangera’s activism is deeply rooted in his family’s history and upbringing. Hailing from the Mangeras of 14th Street Fietas, a community forcibly removed from their homes, he feels compelled to seek justice and uphold his legacy.

From Volunteering to Political Engagement

Growing up in Lenasia, Mangera began his journey of community service at the age of 13. He started distributing food hampers and engaging in various community activities. His involvement in sports, arts, and education continued through his schooling years.

An Advocate for Change

Mangera’s disillusionment with corruption within the ANC led him to step away from formal politics and focus on training young activists. He played a crucial role in establishing the National Youth Coalition, providing a platform for youth voices in effecting systemic change.

A Call to Action

Mangera’s vision for Rise Mzansi centers on empowering ordinary citizens to reclaim their political agency. He believes that meaningful change can only occur when individuals unite and actively participate in reshaping the country’s future.

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