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TV Detective Shivaji Satam advocates for free blood pressure


Renowned for his role in ‘CID,’ Shivaji Satam is throwing his support behind a vital cause – promoting free blood pressure checks for South Asians aged 40.

Addressing the gravity of high blood pressure, Satam highlights its silent but deadly nature: “High blood pressure can be really serious. If left untreated, it could increase your risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure usually has no symptoms, and the only way to know if you’ve got it is to get a blood pressure check.”


A recent survey by NHS England revealed alarming misconceptions among South Asians regarding their blood pressure. Over 3 in 5 believed their blood pressure was ‘normal,’ potentially dissuading them from seeking checks. Moreover, less than half expressed willingness to undergo a check. Fueled by the mistaken belief that symptoms would manifest if they had high blood pressure. A fallacy, as high blood pressure often exhibits no symptoms.

Drawing from personal experience, Satam debunks common myths: “People think you can tell if you have high blood pressure. But there are often no obvious clues to follow. There is a lot of misinformation about.” He underscores the importance of checks, stressing their accessibility and cost-free nature at local pharmacies, even for those seemingly unaffected.

Professor Sir Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer, echoes Satam’s sentiments, emphasizing the severe health risks associated with high blood pressure. He urges individuals to prioritize checks, emphasizing their simplicity and potential to save lives.

Free blood pressure checks

Free blood pressure checks are available to those aged 40 or over in England who haven’t received a recent diagnosis or check within the last six months. Satam encourages all to seize this opportunity for better health, urging them to spread awareness.

Millions of people could be living with high blood pressure without knowing, but now it is easy to find out, as local chemists now offer free blood pressure checks. No appointment needed.

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