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Nasheed Artist Embarks on Unique Fundraising ‘Prayathon’

Ramadan, visiting 313 mosques in London to support children worldwide.


London-based Nasheed artist Omar Esa has embarked on a remarkable fundraising campaign that blends physical challenge with spiritual reflection, aiming to support children globally.

During the sacred month of Ramadan, known for its emphasis on charity, prayer, and heightened spirituality, Esa has initiated a rigorous ‘Prayathon,’ undertaking the task of visiting 313 mosques across London within just seven days.

Already surpassing £68,000 in funds raised, the proceeds will be directed towards providing essential aid and establishing sustainable school meals programs to nourish children worldwide.

Esa said, “I felt compelled to take action and raise awareness about children in Palestine and other countries such as Ethiopia and Malawi.”

“This prayathon is a physical and spiritual challenge I hope will inspire others to contribute to their well-being,” he adds.

Esa’s ambitious journey involves extensive travel, offering prayers and seeking blessings at each of the 313 mosques, a number holding significance in Islam due to its association with the Battle of Badr alongside Prophet Mohammed PBUH.

Partnering with UK-based organization Charity Right, known for its global support of children, Esa’s Prayathon challenge aims to bolster their mission of providing nutritious meals to schoolchildren in need.

Funds raised will aid ongoing emergency relief efforts and facilitate the establishment of sustainable school meals programs Pakistan, Sudan, Palestine, Turkey, Ethiopia, Malawi, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Esa emphasizes the urgency of addressing the plight of children in these regions, stating, “As the provider for my own family, it pains me to think that there are thousands of children around the world and particularly in Palestine without any necessities.”

Charity Right’s CEO, Asim Lone, lauds Esa’s initiative, stating, “We are incredibly inspired by Omar’s initiative and the depth of his commitment. His prayathon during Ramadan serves as a powerful testament to his faith and unwavering compassion.”

Omar Esa’s Charity Right fundraising page

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