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TVS Teams Up with ION Mobility to Launch Project Dynamo at Indonesia Motorcycle Show


TVS Motor Company has forged a strategic partnership with the Singaporean startup ION Mobility, marking their entry into the competitive Indonesian sports scooter market. Unveiled at the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2023, the collaboration, named Project Dynamo, is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle sector in Indonesia.

The alliance sees TVS Motor investing $18.7 million in ION Mobility, initially initiated in February 2023, with the specific aim of meeting the unique demands of Indonesian riders. Their primary focus is the utilization of the TVS X, the flagship electric vehicle by TVS Motor, tailored to cater to the Indonesian market.

This joint venture represents a significant leap forward in the Indonesian electric vehicle landscape.

James Chan, the founder and CEO of ION Mobility, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its objective to elevate ION as a premier lifestyle brand for electric motorcycles in Indonesia, emphasizing the ambitions of Project Dynamo.

The collaborative efforts between both entities are directed towards the production of electric vehicles designed explicitly for Indonesian riders, aligning with TVS Motor’s vision for sustainable transportation solutions.

Sharad Mohan Mishra, Group Strategy President at TVS Motor Company, emphasized their commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility through electric two-wheelers, citing the recently introduced TVS X as a testament to their dedication to a more sustainable future.

Mishra expressed eagerness about the collaboration with the Indonesian company, sharing the mutual goal of expanding premium electric two-wheelers in Indonesia, an objective highlighted through the unveiling of Project Dynamo at IMOS.

Essentially, the strategic partnership between TVS Motor Company and ION Mobility, showcased through Project Dynamo, signifies a remarkable milestone in reshaping Indonesia’s electric vehicle sector.

With a core focus on innovation and sustainability, these partners aim to introduce high-quality electric bikes tailored for Indonesian riders, ultimately reshaping the landscape of urban commuting. This collaboration marks a significant step toward a more eco-friendly and technologically advanced future in the Indonesian mobility industry.

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