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Nepathya to perform its maiden concert in Canada


Nepal’s famous folk-rock band Nepathya, has embarked on it’s maiden musical tour to Canada in October.

Issuing a statement , Nepalaya, the band’s management company, said the band will entertain Nepali diaspora in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

The band kickstarted its first-ever Canada tour from Calgary at ‘De Palace Theatre’ on October 1, heads to Vancouver to perform at ‘De Vogue Theatre’ on October 4 before concluding the tour at ‘Massey Hall’ in Toront on October 8.

Just two months ago, when the schedule for Nepathya’s concert was announced through social media, Canadian-Nepali author Manjushree Thapa, who has made Canada her home, expressed her happiness, saying, “The news of Nepathya coming brings some warmth. In the midst of Maoist turmoil and extreme despair, Nepathya communicated hope through their music, making them forever beloved.”

Giving continuation of the band’s slogan ‘Music for Humanity’ for the promotion of humanity campaign in 2023, Canada tour will move ahead under the same campaign, Nepalaya said in statement.

So far, Nepathya has performed 78 concerts in 28 cities of 16 different countries. Canada will be their 17th destination.

In recent times, Canada has become an attractive destination for Nepalis, especially for higher studies, leading to an increase in the number of Nepali students.

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